The Ussr collapsed decades ago and yet it still is a beacon of hope for both the old and young powerless individuals. Many have ruminated about the merits about the Ussr and its policies, which is admirable. Today we are investigating whether or not it was Poggers or if Karl Marx and The founders of communism were Resident Sleepers. This may not be a scientific method, but if we truly wish to organize a democratic society then we must ask the important questions. Which is why i think the first measure would be to see if communist’s are simply pogging…

I firmly believe that its wrong to discriminate based upon peoples country of origin, however a decade of horny DMs and a proclivity towards poor online etiquette has made me question if scientific racism may indeed have its place. I see no justification for denizens of one nation to have 40% of its users routinely sexually harass people who simply wish to engage in the days tea. I have tried many English only platforms attempting to have civilized discussions when i see someone come in to silence women using broken English and polluting the environment.

Liliana Geist

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